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Share point Integration


Today, countless organizations utilize SharePoint for its powerful collaboration, web content management and limited document and file management capabilities. The CRM Mall SharePoint Integration Tool was designed specifically to incorporate CRM Mall’s powerful EDRMS functionality with SharePoint. The marriage of the two products brings CRM Mall’s fully featured electronic document and records management system with functionality like workflow, imaging, full text searching, e-mail management, Outlook, Exchange, portable barcode reader support, offsite storage management and retention to your SharePoint farm.

This increases your organization’s productivity by allowing you to utilize the best features of each system. For example, you can create and collaboratively work on a Microsoft Word Document across multiple departments in the SharePoint System. After the project is completed you can send the finalized document for long term storage into the CRM Mall System, taking advantage of its powerful file titling, retention, versioning and robust check-in and check-out system that prevents duplicate files.

The SharePoint Integration Tool consists of two components. The first element is a SharePoint Web Part that allows you to search the CRM Mall System, displaying its search results alongside results from other systems, such as those from a Federated Search. The Web Part allows you to configure a number of parameters such as security, search table and field configurations.

The second element is a Web Service (K1RecordsCenter) that transfers Electronic Documents and their Metadata from SharePoint into the CRM Mall System. This component is part of the CRM Mall Web Application. The K1RecordsCenter allows you to configure a number of parameters such as security, duplicate EDOC handling behavior and Metadata mapping.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Integrate SharePoint to the world’s most powerful ECM with speed and ease – This new tool makes it as easy as possible add the functionality to your SharePoint system to search for and view information within CRM Mall and to transfer electronic documents from SharePoint to CRM Mall.
  • Access and share all corporate information from within SharePoint – Provide all users with a standard and simple web form to search for and view all corporate information.
  • Utilize CRM Mall as your corporate electronic document and image repository – Benefit from the advanced features and absolute security of the CRM Mall Enterprise Content Management system. CRM Mall provides functionality, security and control far in excess of that provided by SharePoint.
  • Meet any compliance legislation or standard, e.g., VERS – As well as providing a full complement of ECM functionality, CRM Mall is 100% configurable by you using the free high level tool provided (the DRM). This configurability allows you to meet any compliance requirement today or in the future with just a minimal investment of your time.
  • Achieve 100% VERS Compliance – VERS is a world-leading solution to the problems of capturing, managing and preserving electronic records. VERS is a framework of standards, guidance, training, consultancy and implementation projects centered on the goal of reliably and authentically archiving electronic records. CRM Mall is VERS certified by the Public Records Office of Victoria (PROV) as fully compliant.

Business Solutions

  • Any Content Management application
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Records Management
  • Electronic Document Management
  • Imaging
  • Workflow
  • Contracts Management
  • HR Management
  • Complaints Management
  • Requests Management
  • Asset Management
  • Collection Management
  • Incident (Help Desk) Management
  • CRM

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