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SaaS – Software as a Service/Hosting

Benefits of the Hosted Model

In 1984 when we started business most of our customers had capable, experienced and qualified in-house IT staff well able to handle all of the tasks associated with installing, configuring, maintaining and managing an application and the associated IT resources required. The situation is very different today with very few of our customers lucky enough to have the full set of IT skills in-house.

Staff costs in 1984 were also a much smaller percentage of overall running costs than they are today. In a nutshell, in 1984 people were ‘low-cost’ and computers were ‘high-cost’; today, the reverse is true. It is also true that managing an IT environment today is far more complex and far more demanding than it was in 1984.

In order to address the very real issues of the limited availability of capable, experienced, qualified and very expensive IT staff as well as the cost and management overheads of a secure, redundant IT facility, we are now offering our hosted or SaaS model.

With the hosted model we literally take the load off your shoulders. We provide all of the fully secure and redundant IT infrastructure and IT and application expertise required to run our CRM Mall application suite. We take full responsibility. All you have to do is utilize the CRM Mall application and instruct us to make any changes as and when required. This is of course how it should be, you are now free to manage your business and your customers and your money, valuable time and resources are not tied up in a non core activity. We reduce the cost, we reduce the risk and we free up your people so they can concentrate on your core business. We do the things we are best at so you are free to do the things you are best at.

Finally, as the developers of the CRM Mall application suite we are obviously the best qualified people by far to manage CRM Mall for you. Obviously, no one knows our software better than us. No one can install, configure, maintain and manage CRM Mall better or faster than us; we are the experts.

This final point is very important; because we are the experts we can complete every task in a fraction of the time it would take anyone else. This means that as well as being the best qualified and the most knowledgeable, we are also the lowest cost on any Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) measure.

We also provide a comprehensive list of options so that the customer can select the exact level of service and redundancy required; this is no “one model fits all” service.

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