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Post Implementation

Knowledgeone Corporation recommends Post Implementation Consulting to ensure that all goals and recommendations from the Pre-Implementation and Implementation Consultancies have been achieved and to monitor their performance and effectiveness.

Post Implementation Consulting will evaluate the following important elements:

  • Have the recommendations been implemented?
  • Have they been implemented correctly?
  • Are the recommendations effective?
  • Do the recommendations address any new issues that may have arisen since their implementation?

Knowledgeone Corporation will also assess the requirement for further modification and continued improvement of your system. Special attention is given to ensuring that administration and maintenance functions are being performed on a regular basis to keep your system in optimum condition.

Upon completion of the Post Implementation review, a report may be provided (optional) that summarizes the current status of the system. Any other areas of opportunity as well as the introduction of new technologies that may further enhance the system will also be included within this report.

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