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Document Scanning just got better!

Knowledgeone Corporation’s DocScan software drives your document scanner, reads the barcode on the first page of your documents and then organizes the scanned pages into multi-page TIFF and PDF and PDF/A files.

It can scan color, merge and split scanned images, OCR your scanned document and produce a text searchable PDF.

DocScan also includes a powerful Forms Processing capability so you can automatically capture data from scanned documents and then update your CRM Mall database.

DocScan is a .NET application with significantly functionality and performance.

You can even use it with any records or document management product (in addition to CRM Mall)!

  • DocScan works with any TWAIN scanner and supports a high speed document feed and multi-page TIFF files
  • DocScan automatically recognizes a barcode on the first page of any multi-page document and scans and stores it as a TIFF file using the barcode number as the filename
  • DocScan allows you to manipulate TIFF images by inserting or appending pages, and splitting and combining images into a single TIFF file
  • DocScan can be used with any EDRMS product
  • DocScan handles monochrome and color images
  • DocScan has an option to OCR the scanned image
  • DocScan can produce a text-searchable PDF file
  • DocScan can optionally produce a PDF/A format document to help you meet all compliance legislation
  • DocScan includes the option of forms processing, easily capture data from standard forms
  • DocScan fully automates the bulk scanning process
  • DocScan comes with detailed online help and support
  • DocScan runs under Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 (Requires MS Office 2003, 2007 or 2010)

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