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Disaster Recover & Business Continuity Service

This service provides our customers with the ability to regain online access to their CRM Mall corporate information in the situation where their in-house CRM Mall environment is compromised by a catastrophic system failure or any natural disaster such as fire, flood or storm.

  • It allows you to continue processing until such time as your in-house CRM Mall system is restored and operational again.
  • It ensures that your corporate records are secure in the event of a disaster.
  • It ensures that you can still access your corporate records in the event of a disaster.
  • It provides a ‘standby’ system, available within minutes and securely accessible from any computer with Internet access and a browser.

We also provide a comprehensive list of options so that the customer can select the exact level of service and redundancy required; this is no “one model fits all” service.

According to Jan 2011 Symantec survey of 1288 businesses, 43% did not have any plan whatsoever to handle a data disaster.

More amazingly, when asked why they did not have a Disaster Recovery Plan in place 55% said the thought never occurred to them, 18% said disaster preparedness wasn’t a priority and 9% said they didn’t think computer systems were critical to their business (?????).

CRM Mall manages vital corporate records, essential for the ongoing operation of your business. If you are part of the 43% described above it is way past time to talk to us about disaster recovery and business continuity planning.

To begin, please contact your account manager .

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