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CRM Mall Modification Service

Would you like our CRM Mall experts to make improvements and enhancements to your CRM Mall System? For example:

  1. Would you like to improve productivity with more workflows?
  2. Would you like to be able to better satisfy management requests with beautifully presented scheduled and ad hoc reports?
  3. Would you like to lift end user acceptance and productivity with smaller, more focussed, easier to use screens and processes?
  4. Would you like to improve end user attitudes and productivity with more saved searches?
  5. Would you like not to have to struggle with complex Boolean searches and complex reports?
  6. Would you like us to implement your planned changes such as new filters, tables, fields, processes, etc.?
  7. Would you like us to make all the administration changes you require in the CRM Mall DRM?
  8. Would you like us to add integrations to other systems?
  9. Would you like us to set up your CRM Mall system to import and export from other systems and data sources?
  10. Would you like us to configure profiles in the High-Speed Scanning Module so you can capture important information directly off scanned documents? (Forms Processing)
  11. Would you like us to set up new apps or modify existing apps in CRM Mall to better handle other business processes like HR management, Asset management, Contract management, Collection management, etc.?

Why Us?

We are the experts. We created CRM Mall and no one knows CRM Mall better than us. No one is faster than us and no one can make changes to CRM Mall as well as we can. Plus, any changes we make are covered by a 3-month warranty. If it’s not right, we fix it.

We develop CRM Mall, have been supporting CRM Mall for over 30 years and have helped thousands of organizations over this time. There is no organization more experienced, more knowledgeable or more reliable.

There are a million and one improvements we can make to your use of CRM Mall and we can do it better and faster than anyone else. In fact, in most cases, we will save you money too because we are so fast.

Ask yourself this question. If you hired someone else to make changes to CRM Mall and they made a big mess of it; who would you call on to fix it? You would call us.

The Benefits?

  • Save time and money, we will do everything faster and better than anyone else
  • Increase end user satisfaction, give them smaller, easier to use and more focussed screens and processes
  • Improve end user productivity, if you make the job easier, more will get done
  • All changes will be done by Knowledgeone product experts, less chance for delays and errors
  • You can focus on your organization’s core business processes and leave CRM Mall changes to us

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