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Course Descriptions


Knowledgeone Corporation classroom training courses provide detailed hands-on instruction for both new and existing users. Courses range from those designed for individuals responsible for the administration and configuration of Knowledgeone Corp applications to those designed for end users, covering features and procedures pertaining to the day-to-day use of these applications.

All training courses are conducted by qualified and accredited trainers. Classroom groups are kept to a maximum of 12 to ensure you get plenty of attention and that no one is left behind.

CRM Mall Training

The following CRM Mall courses are currently on offer:

  • CRM Mall User Training
  • CRM Mall Administrator Training

CRM Mall User Training

Duration: 2 days

This practical, hands-on training course is designed for all personnel associated with the creation and management of information.

Topics Covered
Introduction to CRM Mall, CRM Mall Toolbar, File Folder Maintenance, Document Maintenance, Imaging and Electronic records, CRM Mall Button, Movement Tracking, Requests, Searching, Using Barcodes with CRM Mall, Managing To Do Lists, Pick List and Reporting.

CRM Mall Administrator Training

Duration: 2 days

This training course is designed for management and IT personnel who are responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the CRM Mall Application and related company procedures.

Topics Covered
Responsibilities of the Administrator, Data Registration Module (DRM), CRM Mall Backups, Re-indexing the Database, Synchronize with Active Directory, Change Configuration Settings, Change Calendar Settings, Configure Audit Trail, Manage Licenses, Security, Adding New Users, Configuring Tables & Fields, Configure Metadata Profile Associations, Configure Toolbar, Configure Filters, Configuring & Managing a File Plan, Configure Auto Numbers, Configure Link Tables, Codes, Configure Triggers, Configure Scheduled Tasks, Configure Error Messages, Configure Warning Messages, Configure Processes, Retention, Corporate Vocabulary, Record Category, Series, Configuring Languages, Configuring Workflows & Tasks and Designing Reports.

CRM Mall Customized Training

Knowledgeone Corporation recognizes that most organizations have unique requirements for training based on staff knowledge and skill levels. With your unique requirements in mind, why not invite us to design a training course and courseware specifically for your organizational and staff needs.

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