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Health Check

The “Health Check” service entails a technical expert attending your site for 2 days and providing a thorough review of your installation, including: At the conclusion of the visit, your system administrator and technical staff will be presented with a full detailed written report containing… Read More »Health Check


Knowledgeone Corporation provides to its customers’ on-site services both nationally and overseas. We have a number of different services which we offer listed below: Upon completion of tasks on-site, Knowledgeone Corporation can provide a report of all work completed if requested by the customer. If… Read More »Installation

Terms and Conditions

PaymentPayment for Knowledgeone Corporation (K1Corp) services must be made prior to the commencement of the service. Scheduling of services will not take place until payment has been received unless otherwise agreed in writing. Rescheduling of ServicesK1Corp must be made aware of all Client initiated rescheduling… Read More »Terms and Conditions

Course Descriptions

Training Knowledgeone Corporation classroom training courses provide detailed hands-on instruction for both new and existing users. Courses range from those designed for individuals responsible for the administration and configuration of Knowledgeone Corp applications to those designed for end users, covering features and procedures pertaining to… Read More »Course Descriptions

Data Conversion

Knowledgeone Corporation can provide a Data Conversion service to convert valuable data stored in old CRM Mall systems or non Knowledgeone Corporation systems to the latest CRM Mall database. Knowledgeone Corporation has many years of experience in data conversions and has successfully converted government and… Read More »Data Conversion

Post Implementation

Knowledgeone Corporation recommends Post Implementation Consulting to ensure that all goals and recommendations from the Pre-Implementation and Implementation Consultancies have been achieved and to monitor their performance and effectiveness. Post Implementation Consulting will evaluate the following important elements: Knowledgeone Corporation will also assess the requirement for further modification and… Read More »Post Implementation