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Document Scanning just got better! Knowledgeone Corporation’s DocScan software drives your document scanner, reads the barcode on the first page of your documents and then organizes the scanned pages into multi-page TIFF and PDF and PDF/A files. It can scan color, merge and split scanned images, OCR your scanned document and… Read More »DocScan

Blank Labels

In its approach to an overall solution, Knowledgeone Corporation can supply blank stationery for the production of labels for your file folders or documents. These could be used for your standard file labels or for the production of color coded labels, both easily printed from… Read More »Blank Labels

Barcode Label

ABnote has been producing and supplying highly accurate barcode labels to Knowledgeone Corporation since 1991. The use of ABnote’s barcode labels with Knowledgeone Corp’s ECM products allow customers to identify, track and manage documents, files, boxes assets and stock. ABnote’s barcode labels are created using… Read More »Barcode Label

Barcode Readers

From fixed and cordless readers to hand held portable readers, Knowledgeone Corporation can provide an advanced solution to your barcoding requirements. Knowledgeone Corporation Products & Barcodes – Uses & Benefits Knowledgeone Corporation acknowledges the benefits of barcoding file folders, documents, scanned images, boxes and storage… Read More »Barcode Readers

Share point Integration

Overview Today, countless organizations utilize SharePoint for its powerful collaboration, web content management and limited document and file management capabilities. The CRM Mall SharePoint Integration Tool was designed specifically to incorporate CRM Mall’s powerful EDRMS functionality with SharePoint. The marriage of the two products brings… Read More »Share point Integration


Overview Knowledgeone Corporation now has a Web Services API.  The API is a new product that will open the door to new ways of CRM Mall integration.  It has an array of methods that allow you to perform such operations as adding, modifying, deleting records,… Read More »CRM Mall SDK

Document Capture

Overview Document Capture for CRM Mall automatically captures, analyzes, indexes and versions every electronic document your staff create and receive without involving additional work for the majority of your staff. Document Capture includes both a sophisticated security system and a ‘thin-client’ search and inquiry tool that doesn’t need… Read More »Document Capture

CRM Mall

Overview CRM Mall is a fully featured electronic document and records management system with all the functionality any organization will ever need including workflow, imaging, full text searching, portable barcode reader support, offsite storage management, check-in, check-out, versioning, retention and a full power report writer together with… Read More »CRM Mall