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ABnote has been producing and supplying highly accurate barcode labels to Knowledgeone Corporation since 1991. The use of ABnote’s barcode labels with Knowledgeone Corp’s ECM products allow customers to identify, track and manage documents, files, boxes assets and stock.

ABnote’s barcode labels are created using a unique electrophotographic process. Barcode labels are created via a no-contact flash fusion technique, providing superior bar code reproduction and creating perfect prints at every pass. The high quality, extraordinarily durable prints also give versatility in sizing, to match with the different requirements of various industry barcode management system requirements.

A wide range of information can be printed on the labels, such as:

  • Barcode Number
  • Name/Department
  • Page Header
  • Action Officer
  • Location
  • Space Number
  • Labels can be supplied either laminated or non-laminated.

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